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window tint

We can tint your home , car, truck, recreational vehicles and more  

Our tinting meets state requirements

Control sun so you can enjoy every room in your home

We offer a lifetime warranty on installation & tint film against bubbling, fading, or pealing  Our film does not turn purple over time.  




  • Safety & Security: window tintng helps to protect you and your property by holding your window together if the glass is shattered.

  • Increased Privacy: increases privacy for you and your valuables by shading your windows from the sun and prying eyes

  • Improves comfort: rejects up to 41% of the heat coming through your windows

  • Energy efficiency:  cut the cost of cooling your home, rejects up to 70% of heat transfer through windows in your home.



  • Stay Connected: This film is non-metallized and will not interfere with mobile phone, GPS and satellite radio reception.

  • Interior protection: blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays to reduce fading of your car's interior

  • Glare reduction: up to 94% glare reduction

For safety, security and privacy of your home and vehicles, rely on Extreme Audio to  provide the best in window tinting.

Window Tinting for your Home & Vehicles

Window Tinting

Quality Window Tinting

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